Taking a Social Media Cue from Politics

by Jason Mollica on July 12, 2011

Mayors are often referred to as the “CEO” of a city. If that is the case, then CEOs should follow the lead of Newark Mayor Cory Booker and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter. Although most of the recent awareness of politicians and social media has been negative, these two mayors have set a fine example of how to harness new communications tools most effectively.

Mayor Booker uses his Twitter account to engage Newark residents.

In Mayor Booker’s case, he’s challenged followers and fellow Newark residents to be active and get healthy. He also used Twitter this winter to find out what streets required snow plowing. His actions have received rave reviews, including TIME magazine that described him as a “social-media superhero.”

In Philadelphia, Mayor Nutter tweets his daily appearances around the city and discusses why he does or does not support legislation. He also used Twitter during winter storms to reach out to folks who were stuck in the snow.

We’ve seen how social media has assisted President Barack Obama, reaching an untapped audience in the last presidential campaign. So it’s evident that if social media helps politicians provide more information to constituents, then social media can also help CEOS connect in unique ways with their stakeholders.

What’s the biggest advantage? Your interaction gives followers a feeling as if they “know” you, and that’s important for any leader.

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