Do You Know Where Your Cell Phone Is?

by Katie Essner on May 6, 2011

You just got home from an evening out and decide to check your email once more before heading to bed. You reach in your pocket or purse to grab your cell phone, only to find it’s not there. You’re frantically digging. It has to be there, you think, but it isn’t.

Do you know the feeling? That pit in the bottom of your stomach, when you realize all your contacts, emails, songs, videos and pictures might be gone. It’s funny how we put so much of our everyday lives onto our cell phone, yet we rarely stop to think what we would do should we lose it. Thanks to Mobile Me and My Lookout, smart phone users are able to track down, protect, lock and swipe their phones should they go missing.

Let’s take a further look at these applications.

Apple’s Mobile Me can be used for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It’s a service that will pinpoint and locate the registered device on a map, allow users to display a message or sound on the device, lock it and wipe it. Mobile Me gives you the ability to set a four-digit password, should you want to lock your device until you reach it safely. The service even has an app for when you have one device, but may be missing another.


My Lookout is available for Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile phones. My Lookout protects phones from viruses, malware and spyware. Similar to Mobile Me, My Lookout locates lost or stolen phones and allows users to swipe data. It also allows control over what applications can access your information.

If you haven’t taken the proper precautions to secure your phone, now is the time. Don’t wait until it’s too late.