The Benefits of Going Green

by Cheryl Carr on March 25, 2009

By Megan Webb

With the increased strain on our earth’s natural resources, rising fuel costs as well as elevated population and pollution issues, eco-friendly initiatives and green stewardship have become the center of the media limelight. Seen as a vast opportunity to lead the trend of societal and environmental improvements, today’s business leaders are getting serious about sustainability.

In fact, according to an online survey conducted by Pinnacle Worldwide and The Vandiver Group (our global public relations network and one of our Pinnacle partners), an overwhelming 75 percent of respondents said sustainability is either “an important part of our organization’s corporate strategy” or expect the topic “to become increasingly important in the future.” The study also found that nearly one-third of businesses are currently developing a sustainability strategy.

For those of us in the business realm, it’s important to think ahead to the world of corporate sustainability and good citizenship. If not only for the sake of reducing your company’s carbon footprint, having a business sustainability strategy in place enhances public perceptions and also helps with employee recruitment and retention, according to recent national studies.

A conference report from The Center for Corporate Citizenship & Sustainability found that 78 percent of 198 multinational companies described superior environmental practices as “very” or “extremely important” in the recruitment and retention of employees. According to an Adecco USA Workplace Insights Survey, of the 2,500 U.S. adults surveyed one-third prefer to work for an environmentally-conscious company and about half think their company should do more to be environmentally friendly.

Why? It’s all about your reputation. Today’s consumers and employees place a high value on a company’s social responsibility policies and sensitivity to ecological issues as it showcases a commitment to the world at large, not just profits. So if you’re unfamiliar with the sustainability movement, it’s time to jump on board, as it will only continue to grow in magnitude.