You Cannot Be Bitter About Twitter

by Jim Pasinski on March 17, 2009

By Jim Pasinski

If you do not think Twitter is important when building and maintaining your brand, here is a good reality check.

This article includes some Twitter tips, as shown beltwitterow.

• Do be authentic. It’s what social media is about.

• Don’t be a robot. Automated corporate messages are not respected here.

• Do include a transparent bio on your Twitter page.

• Don’t forget that a tweet is forever. There is no real taking it back from the twittosphere.

• Do listen to your audience. Know what people are talking about before you tweet.

• Don’t bring up politics or religion unless that is part of your brand. You will alienate followers.

• Do follow people in your industry

• Don’t rant about other companies or people.

• Do get involved in conversations. No one wants to follow someone who just broadcasts and doesn’t interact with others.

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