USA Today Writes Cover Story Using Only Twitter

by Cheryl Carr on May 28, 2009

By Megan Webb

If this is any indication of the changing media landscape — USA Today reporter Del Jones wrote an entire cover story for today’s money section using only twitter.

Picture 1That’s it — no phone calls, emails or in-person interviews, just 140-character tweets from CEOs across the country.

Posting the question: “Reporting USA TODAY cover story entirely on Twitter. Topic: Is U.S. economy evolving away from capitalism? Your thoughts please.” @jonesdel exchanged 427 tweets with 21 corporate executives to formulate his story.

Despite some requests by CEOS for email or phone interviews, all comments and interviews were publicly “tweeted” to create the first-ever traditional newspaper story conducted on a social media platform.

In an earlier blog, we listed increased media opportunities as one of the top ten reasons why brands should be using social media — evident in the case of the 21 CEOs who participated in the story.

Will there be more “twitter-only” interviews? Like snail mail, will we see the demise of phone, email and in-person contact for public relations professionals and corporate marketers? Share your thoughts with us by commenting on this blog post or via twitter @carrmarketing.

You can read the full USA Today article here.

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