Top 5 Ways to Get Retweeted: Part One

by Cheryl Carr on February 26, 2010

By Katie Essner

So you’ve entered the world of Twitter.  After your initial reactions of “what is this?” “what’s the point of this?” and “huh?” it hits you. Twitter has changed social media in a way Facebook never could.

In 140 characters or less, Twitter allows you to have a conversation with the entire world. While Facebook has become overwhelming and overworked, this straightforward Web site brings a sense of clarity and ease to social media users.

But whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer, you know the ultimate goal in Twitter is the retweet. Several companies have researched and found “scientific ways” to be retweeted.  These tips range anywhere from minding your manners to what time of day you are most likely to be retweeted.

Here is a compilation of what they found mixed with a few ideas of my own to create the ultimate recipe for retweeting success.

1. Make it personal.

Giving people the impression you are talking to them one on one, even if you have 1,000 followers, is appealing.  It’s easy to feel lost among the crowd of fellow Twitterers, so let your friends know they are part of your thoughts. When Starbucks tweets, it’s generally in response to their followers’ questions and retweeting, which helps reinforce a strong brand relationship.

2. Include a link.

You really liked that article in USA Today, so show people where you found it.  This allows followers to read more about whatever you found interesting and it’s easy for them to pass it along.

3. A picture is worth 1,000 characters.

Twitpic and other photo applications are incredibly easy to use from a cell phone and give fellow Tweeters something different to look at, especially if you’re at an event or stumble upon something interesting.

4. Don’t overwhelm your followers with tweets.

In fact, people might unfollow you if you overload your thoughts on them.  Post a few good bits of information each day that they’ll want to read and always remember – quality over quantity.

5. Your mother taught you manners for a reason.

Surprisingly, asking people to “please retweet” something actually works. Remembering your manners may help get you retweeted. When the tragedies of Haiti devastated the country, countless celebrities asked their followers to please retweet the Red Cross donation text number.  The text donations brought in over $32 million, and the Twitter retweets undoubtedly helped spread the word.

Want to know the next five tips? Stay tuned for our next blog!