Social Media Continues to Change the Marketing Landscape

by Cheryl Carr on April 22, 2009

By Megan Webb

Eighty-eight percent of marketers use some form of social media to market their businesses, according to a new social media study titled “How Marketers Are Using Social Media to Grow Their Businesses.” Interestingly, 72 percent of marketers said they’ve either just started or have only been using social media for a few months.

Rounding out the top five most-used social media tools among those marketing respondents who utilized social media marketing included:

  1. Twitter (86%)
  2. Blogs (79%)
  3. LinkedIn (78%)
  4. Facebook (77%)
  5. YouTube (41%)

The top five benefits of social media marketing, according to the online study respondents, included:

  1. Generated exposure (86%)
  2. Increased traffic, subscribers, lists (79%)
  3. Increased business partners (78%)
  4. Bettered search ranking position (77%)
  5. Generated qualified leads (41%)

You can download the entire social media marketing study by clicking here.