Our Services


Effective crisis communication preparation and execution requires clear thinking and experienced counsel.

For more than two decades, Carr has helped many senior executives navigate troubled waters and safeguard their reputations. We have successfully assisted numerous organizations with crises focused on chemical contamination and remediation; food safety; product recalls; acquisitions and mergers; company layoffs; financial malfeasance; employees going public with demands; labor issues; and leadership scandals.

Some examples of our crisis communications work include:

  • Customized crisis preparation workshops as the first step in mitigating potentially negative impacts

  • Handling crisis situations as they unfold, coaching CEOs and executive staff through each step, hour by hour, day by day

  • Coordinating an appropriate media response via digital and traditional means

  • Facilitating “debriefing” sessions post-crisis

Ideally, a crisis is best addressed before it happens, which is why so many of our clients utilize us for crisis prep and strategic communications planning on a continuous basis.


An ever-changing media landscape presents significant challenges for business leaders looking to effectively communicate to customers, influencers and employees about the services, products and overall brand image of their companies. Our media strategies define the best avenues to reach target audiences that are critical to your organization’s future.

The Carr team, backed by extensive experience with the media (both principals are former reporters), provides clients with a proven messaging process to successfully crystallize and articulate key messages. We also help identify newsworthy topics and approaches for pitches to social and traditional media.

Our professional media training program has been an essential and valuable tool for more than 100 business leaders to work confidently with the media. The training program takes executives through the paces of print, broadcast (television/radio) and the digital interview techniques, the end result being confident, prepared spokespersons for their organizations.


Many companies find themselves floating in a sea of noise and clutter when it comes to their brand awareness and reputation.

Through time-proven approaches, Carr helps to create, enhance and sustain brands. The end result of this work enables organizations to differentiate themselves and stand out to customers, prospective customers, investors, employees and other public audiences.

Our brand assessment program begins with comprehensive research on your brand attributes and perceptions. This research is then used to build strategies that integrate all optimal communication avenues to effectively market your brand.

Brand building requires a long-term outlook – no brand can be established overnight. Carr will develop a brand playbook for your organization, one that will include a three- to five-year strategic plan, encompassing everything from market trends to how your employees consistently communicate your brand across all levels.


The most successful business leaders are those who seek counsel and viewpoints from those with experience and expertise in the desired fields.

Carr has coached hundreds of company executives on critical communications issues affecting their enterprises. Our valued perspective is provided in a highly confidential manner on a wide range of communication, marketing and business operation matters.

We listen, question and help to formulate effective solutions that contribute significantly to personal leadership growth.

Our executive coaching sessions are customized to meet the particular needs of the CEO or the executive team, and of the organization. Typically, these sessions focus on approaches to hone the communications skills of executives, and effective ways they can communicate with employees, customers and other stakeholders. No matter what personality and leadership style an executive brings to the table, we can assist in improving his/her communications skills in ways that will benefit the entire organization.