Fifteen Years in Business? No Sweat!

by Cheryl Carr on October 13, 2009

By Cheryl Carr

Fifteen years. For many small businesses, 15 years is a dream, let alone an anniversary to be celebrated. Small businesses that are focused on providing professional services – like Carr Marketing Communications– have an even higher degree of difficulty attaining that goal.

Pic for WordPressSo we feel very fortunate, and proud, to be celebrating a decade and a half in business. It seems like yesterday that we opened the doors of Carr Marketing Communications. Since 1994, we’ve never looked back!

When I tacked on “no sweat” to the headline, I was being facetious. This business has been a labor of love, to the point where Bob and I sometimes felt we were carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. But despite the risks and the stress, we would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

The fine arts of public relations, marketing consulting and strategic planning have changed radically in 15 years. When we started, we were one of the first firms to use the power of the Internet for research and customer communications. Now we’ve embraced the use of social media networks to drive brand awareness. And we’re looking ahead at how technology will further influence the new environment of instantaneous communications.

But one core principle hasn’t changed at Carr: Outstanding client service. Small firms like ours take pride in partnering with our clients, turning projects around on a dime and delivering strong strategy that aligns perfectly with client needs and goals. You just can’t get that type of responsiveness and service in a larger firm; Bob and I have both worked in the “big” firm environment, so we know from experience.

So here’s to the next 15. We’ll continue to be entrepreneurial, enterprising and strategic. We may be small in size … but really big thinkers in the eyes of our clients.

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