If you are a college student, how will you spend the Christmas break?

by Jason Mollica on December 10, 2009

By Jason Mollica

Colleges all over the country will be wrapping up finals and sending students home for the holidays shortly.  While the time off is perfect for recharging the batteries (and to catch up with friends from home), it is also a great opportunity to get a leg up on your competition for that post-graduation job.  I came across two wonderful blogs on how you can take advantage of this down time.

The first is by Mikinzie Stuart at the Web site, Brazen Careerist.  Her entry is titled “20 Ways PR Students Can Beat The Winter Break Blues.” It is a perfect guide for students to follow.  I like numbers three (“Visit a PR firm or job shadow a PR professional”) and seven (“Do-it-yourself PR plan).

I also enjoyed reading Lauren Novo’s “PR Journey Blog.”  Her entry, “Don’t Completely Check Out in December,” adds six other very important items to think about during your time off.  The one I like the best is “Make your PR portfolio.”  I cannot stress enough the importance of showing how good your work is to potential employers.  That college PR project you did in your junior year is still relevant and will go a long way to reflect your skills.

On a personal note, I would also recommend becoming savvier in social media.  Follow PR professionals on Twitter to find out what they are talking about with colleagues and friends.  By following Carr Marketing Communications on Twitter, I believe you will find some good advice.   One other thought is to start a LinkedIn profile.  This will help make you more visible to employers and show you are serious about your future.

Good luck on your journey!