Communications — 18 Years From Now

by Cheryl Carr on January 28, 2009

By Bob Carr

Today is our daughter’s 18th birthday and her use of communication tools reminds us daily about the changes that have occurred since 1991 in personal communications and even in the world of public relations.

Today, the cellphone has become our constant companion for voice communications as well as texting, email and web surfing. And I remember in January 1991 lugging an early Motorola portable phone to the Buffalo Bills-Oakland Raiders AFC Championship Game so I could be in communication with my expectant spouse. The receiver was attached via a phone cord to the power/dialing unit. Smithsonian material.

But how will we be communicating in another 18 years — in 2027? Voice activated emails and texting without using a keyboard? Everything paperless (good for sustainability, bad for news”papers”)?  Pure wireless Internet anywhere in the world? No more phone books? Everything on television is DVRed automatically and available for download? Video communication with anyone you want, or is in your desired community? And video surveillance of everyone and everything (taking Google Earth to another level)?

But it still will come down to the quality of the content.