Crisis: The Lost Business Course

by Katie Essner on June 6, 2011

Trying to solve a crisis without any preparation is like diving into the deep end of a pool without first knowing how to swim. According to a Yahoo! article, this may be how many business leaders feel when facing a crisis.

The article states that only 16 percent of highly ranked MBA programs offer a single course in crisis and conflict management, strategic communications, public relations or reputation management. If business leaders are not taught the proper strategies or dos and don’ts of crisis, how will they know how to protect their company’s reputation?

In the wake of so many crises, we urge business leaders to seek training and understanding of crisis management. Although schools may be missing crisis communications from their course list, there are a multitude of resources to help businesses be prepared.

The Internet has numerous case studies for business leaders to read, like this one on Domino’s from when two employees placed a video on YouTube of their improper food handling. Another case study discusses how Motrin offended moms and needed to rethink their ad campaign. Also look into the infamous Exxon, Pepsi, Tylenol and Wendy’s crises.

Has a crisis plan been prepared? If not, here’s a blog we wrote breaking the plan down into a few easy steps. Seek out free webinars and consulting. If companies are ready and informed, they will know exactly how to handle a crisis if and when it happens. In return, businesses will earn the trust of employees, stakeholders and the community. Although schools may be missing this vital link in their curriculum, it’s up to businesses to be prepared.