Environmental Risk Communications

Carr Marketing Communications has in-depth, award-winning experience in developing and implementing targeted communication programs regarding environmental risk issues.

Our comprehensive programs, which seek to educate and gain an understanding of complex environmental situations, are aimed at key stakeholders such as government officials and elected bodies, local residents, the business community, the media and the regulatory agencies.

We have provided successful strategic counsel, planning, and implementation regarding governmental, media and community outreach on environmental issues in New York, New Jersey, Maine, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia. Our team has developed communications audits, community outreach, reputation management, crisis communications, media relations and training, and public relations measurement on critical issues, such as:

  • Legacy cyanide soil and water contamination affecting residents, tourism and businesses
  • Legacy PCB contamination along village stream
  • Industrial arsenic and soil remediation of schoolyard and athletic field
  • Industrial arsenic and soil remediation of residential properties
  • Carbon Disulfide spill adjacent to residential area
  • Legacy PAHs, SVOCs, arsenic contamination in residential properties from former steel mill operations
  • Mercury cleanup of former plant site now an industrial park and adjacent to nature center
  • Industrial wastewater discharges
  • State environmental permitting of retrofitted waste-to-energy plant
  • First-ever Risk Management Communications Plan replicated nationwide by Fortune 100 company
  • Investigation of soil vapor intrusion of VOCs, especially TCE, in homes and schools

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