Time Warner iPad App vs. the Cable Companies

by Katie Essner on March 31, 2011

Earlier this week we talked briefly about the feud going on between Time Warner Cable and the television industry concerning the Time Warner iPad app (read The NY Times article).

Time Warner Cable believes buying the rights to a channel gives them the freedom to stream live on an iPad; the television industry wants to see more money in return for this privilege and is claiming contract violations.

This quote by Melinda Witmer, an executive vice president at Time Warner Cable, in the aforementioned article seems to sum up this argument pretty well:

“Ms. Witmer compared the complaints of channel owners to a person who waves a gun around and winds up shooting themselves in the foot.”

With media content clearly evolving into portable formats, was TV on the iPad really such a surprise? Hulu, Netflix, ABC and various sports networks all allow content to be consumed on a computer, phone and tablet. This is not new news, however television networks are now calling foul play.

Steaming live TV is the next step in the content-on-the-go game. There is already much media available on portable and mobile devices, so it seems the television industry has the option to take the leap or be left behind.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have entered the tablet generation.