Tablets in the Workplace

by Katie Essner on May 24, 2011

You’ve seen them used for playing games, watching movies and reading books. But did you know that companies are turning to tablets to create an efficient workplace? Business leaders are choosing tablets like the iPad, Galaxy Tab, Blackberry PlayBook and Motorola Xoom for their functional abilities and cost-saving offerings. Whether it’s used for tracking time or keeping track of presentations, let’s explore why companies are turning to tablets:

  • Leave the Laptop Behind: You might have seen this feature recently on the latest Apple commercials, but it is arguably one of the most useful applications available for businesses. Apps such as Desktop Connect allow users to login and use their desktops from an iPad. No more toting the laptop and tablet, simply login to your desktop from the iPad – it’s that simple.
  • Perfect Presentations: Creating slideshows for presentations is a great tool for any business, but forgetting a zip drive or not having proper equipment can be a pain. Instead of relying on laptops and scattered files, put all your presentations into the iPad with Keynote. Keynote for the iPad allows users to create, show and house presentations. iPad’s Keynote offers a great, but limited selection. However, it can easily be synced with a computer version of Keynote for more design options. To see more apps for presentations and meetings, read this article from Mashable.
  • Easy Access to Documents: While Keynote offers a great place to store presentations, numerous other applications allow users to keep documents at the swipe of a finger. Dropbox, Pages, Numbers, Documents to Go and FileBrowser all offer easy storage and access to various file types.
  • Logging Time: Often employees are asked to track time, but what if they’re frequently on the go and need a more efficient way to log hours? Look no further than Harvest Time and Expense Tracker. This free app provides a flip-clock to easily keep track of billable hours, and the expense tracker allows users to upload photos of receipts as expenses are entered. Other popular apps for logging hours are Cube Time and Expense Tracker and HoursTracker – Time Sheet.
  • Easy Check Outs: Through the free application Square, users receive a free card reader so their iPad can swipe credit cards. Businesses looking for an easy way to check out customers can use this simple application without a lot of fuss. Although the application does keep 2.75 percent per swipe, there are no contracts or commitments, and a daily deposit is made into your banking account.

As we’ve said before, we are in the tablet era, and we expect to see more businesses adapting their workplaces to tablets. How can you incorporate them into yours?