Facebook’s “Questions” Brings Answers for Market Research

by Jason Mollica on April 6, 2011

Businesses and brands that already use Facebook to promote their products and services now have the ability to gather information for market research.

Facebook has officially re-launched its “Questions” platform, giving users the ability to garner followers’ answers to multiple-choice questions. Facebook wants to make its tool unique amidst competitors Quora, Yahoo Answers and LocalMind.

One outcome we envision is a business using Questions to shape product development and help reward customer loyalty.

For example, say you are a retailer interested in getting a better idea what shoppers’ habits are for the summer.  The answers would give you a pretty honest readout of where to spend for advertising and product placement.

Essentially, through a trusted medium like Facebook, your brand’s “champions” have a say in your media planning.

Brian Solis, who wrote the book “Engage,” said recently, “Really what we are looking at is learning from what customers are saying, or what they are looking for, or the challenges they are having, and engaging directly, learning from that to build better programs, better products, better services.”

Facebook Questions brings customer engagement to another level and is a great way to build loyalty.

If you are looking to add Questions to your Facebook page, go to: http://www.facebook.com/questions.  Once enabled, a tab can be found on the left hand side of your page.   You can see the example to the right.