Twitter: What's in a Name? Your Identity.

by Jim Pasinski on May 5, 2009

By Jim Pasinski

Businesses, organizations and individuals still weighing the pros of social media immersion have something to consider in the interim. While you decide on what level to enter into the world of twitter, facebook and others, it is important to, at the very least, claim your brand’s name before someone else takes it and leaves you with an uphill battle to reclaim your identity.

The PR Daily blog talks about hijackers getting a name and potentially creating a PR crisis that you did not plan for.

The simple solution is to get online, create your accounts, and reserve your brands names before someone else does and starts to tell your story without your knowledge. One simple tweet on twitter from a hijacker can create a crisis to manage. Some sites will allow you to keep the account private until you decide to activate it, and that will help to avoid the appearance that you have an account but do not update it.

Whether or not you delve into social media, it is smart to claim your identity now and avoid a potential crisis later