“The Big Three:” Facebook Questions, Airport Apps, and streaming Time Warner issues

by Jason Mollica on March 29, 2011

Good day and welcome to Carr Marketing Communications weekly blog, called “The Three.” These are stories from a unique social media perspective that are impacting people the most at the beginning of the week.

1)   Facebook rolls out another tool for brands and business, titled “Questions.” Mashable

2)   New apps help to make your airport experience smoother, from security to takeoff. USA Today

3)   Time Warner is under fire for its app that streams channels on the iPad. New York Times

The Carr Perspective:

Facebook’s move to launch “Questions” once again shows the power of the social networking giant.  Despite Quora, Yahoo! Answers and LocalMind being available, Facebook wants to make its tool unique.

Businesses and brands that already use Facebook to promote their products and services now have the ability to gather information for market research. It is different from, say Quora, in that users answer multiple-choice questions.  Quora allows your own answers.

Facebook is a trusted brand, more so than Quora.  Therefore, we could envision a business using Questions to shape product development and help reward customer loyalty.