Life in the Virtual Workspace

by Chelsea ODonnell on August 16, 2012

With technological advancements at an all-time high, there are plenty of useful applications that you can use in your business. 

Can You See Me Now?: Instead of conference calls, look to the Apple app FaceTime to provide face-to-face chat sessions. Since it is available through multiple technologies, like your computer, iPad or iPhone, this feature can be utilized in either a stationary setting or on the go making it convenient for a modern businessperson. For those who do not own an Apple device, the Skype app is always a useful tool, or the Google+ feature Hangout that allows you to video chat with up to nine people!

Pencil Me In: With the ability to text notifications about your schedule, Google Calendar is a nifty way to keep your agenda in check. It also hosts organizational features such as a tasks list. Plus, if your business uses the Gmail service an option to view other calendars or add a friend’s calendar to your inventory is also available.

Write That Down: The iPad application Noteshelf allows users to take notes, sketch and even create scrapbooks among other features. By purchasing a smart pen or stylus you are able to write directly on the screen of your I-Pad, but if you happen to misplace your writing utensil you may also write with your finger.  It also allows you to organize your work into separate notebooks and arrange them on a virtual shelf. Watch a video here.

Swipe N’ Go: You no longer have to worry about whipping out your wallet because you can now pay by using your phone. Near field communication, or NFC makes this possible. It is used to make payments, scan and provide information, and share media via bumping phones together. Popular food chains such as Starbucks are utilizing this handy method through the system Square, which enables you to make mobile payment transactions.

Technology is ushering in a virtual workspace by simplifying every day business processes and making them digital. Making these procedures easier allows for a more functional workspace that will create a more effective business setting for you and your colleagues.

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