Super Bowl Rewind

by Cheryl Carr on February 2, 2009

By Bob Carr

You can tell by the quality of the creativity and the advertisers that the Super Bowl telecast was not immune to current economic woes.

Few if any advertisements jumped off the screen, or even caused one to stop and notice in between the numerous stoppages in play. A few unscientific observations:

• The best of the lot were the Budweiser Clydesdale bringing back the bough of a tree to show that he could fetch as well as his dalmation friend  (animal spots are always good), the Pepsi commercial comparing the 1960’s to current times, and the Hulu alien piece with Alex Baldwin continuing his parody persona from 30 Rock.

• Coke went too far with the rip-off of the classic Mean Joe Greene commercial. Troy Palamalu doesn’t come across as that mean (maybe they should have used James Harrison,  who was caught throwing punches on one play). Plus you were waiting for Palamalu to throw HIS jersey at the kid.

• Cash4Gold with Ed McMahon showed what competition NBC had in selling spots. If the economy tanks further, next year we’ll see the Propeil Pocket Fisherman and Chia Pets

• On the game itself, when Kurt Warner didn’t go alley-oop with Larry Fitzgerald at the end of the first half (and instead throwing it into the middle for a Pittsburgh interception and touchdown), you knew the Cards were not going to be blessed. If you don’t go to your best player in that situation, you deserve to lose.

•  Wouldn’t it have been great if Springsteen and the E-Streeters could have played for another two hours in lieu of the second half — sans commercials?