Newsweek Looks at Mommy Bloggers; A PR Blackout?

by Jim Pasinski on July 21, 2009

mommy blogger

By Jim Pasinski

Newsweek takes a look at the sometimes controversial role that so-called “mommy bloggers” play in marketing and advertising.

It can be a delicate balance for the more prominent bloggers, who are frequently asked to test, rate, review and sometimes recommend a product or service by a retailer or manufacturer, to make sure they are not co-opted by corporate concerns.

Along those same lines, a Web site for mommy bloggers is trying to push a “PR Blackout” week in August among bloggers, as the social reports.

Why all of the mommy blogger talk? In case you missed it, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is considering targeting bloggers who review or promote products while receiving money or free products in return.